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Company Profile

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  Founded in August 2000, Dalian Zhongjia Food Co., Ltd. is located in Zhang Tun Village, sun Street office, Wafangdian City City, Liaoning Province, 800 meters from Shenyang high speed WaFangDian Railway Station. The company covers an area of 30 thousand square meters, building area of 18 thousand square meters, and has more than 650 employees, including 60 professional and technical personnel. The total assets of the company are 71 million 500 thousand yuan, of which 57 million 780 thousand yuan is fixed assets.
  Since joining Hefeng group in February 2015, Zhongjia food has developed rapidly in the aspects of industrial layout, production scale, product safety, product control management, equipment upgrading, product marketing, Muslim certification, environmental protection and so on.
  After industrial integration, Zhongjia food has a complete industrial chain, from breeding, hatching, feed, to slaughter, processing, sales to realize the whole industry chain management, through the layer monitoring, strict control, to realize the whole product control, and effectively ensure the quality and safety of the product.
  600 thousand sets of parental breeder hens are the main international varieties of Ross 308 and kbao, and their quality is excellent.
  In the first half of 2017, the company will build up 5 million modern Hatchery of the monthly young chicks, all of them use automatic intelligent equipment. In the course of hatching, the chickens are immunized at the age of 18, so that the chicks enhance their immune ability and grow healthily.
  The company has built a high standard breeding base, and recorded 20 breeding farms automatically, of which 300 thousand are the largest single producers. Each district is fully automated in feed, water supply, removal of dung, ventilation and temperature control. The breeding methods are all cage, safe and pollution-free, hygienic no smell, every district has manure treatment plant, and chicken manure is treated harmlessly. The company adopted the national standard of no veterinary drugs, and insisted on the principle of less medication and no medicine. In Liaoning, our company used the least amount of medicine. We raise chickens with our conscience and raise chickens with a good growth environment instead of using drugs to raise chickens.
  In the past two years, the production capacity of Zhongjia food has increased rapidly. At present, 30 million slaughterhouses have been slaughtered in the year, and the production scale has set a new high in the history of China.
  The company has constructed a comprehensive and integrated food safety supervision system.
  The government supervision department carries out on-site quarantine and remote monitoring of slaughtering and processing links, and strictly controls the safety of products. The animal quarantine department was stationed in 2 full-time quarantine officers and 4 inspectors. The inspection and Quarantine of vehicle disinfection, hanging chicken, slaughtering processing, finished product factory whole process inspection and quarantine, and monitoring the production process in all directions and uninterrupted online remote monitoring system.
  The company has invested 200 thousand yuan in upgrading the equipment and facilities of laboratory and introducing 3 professional laboratory personnel. The operating cost of the laboratory has reached 1 million yuan each year. At present, more than ten items such as microorganism, drug residue and sewage water quality can be detected. The testing scope has been carried out to test the residue batch test of the broiler before slaughter. The production site is sampled daily to test the residues and microbes. After the finished product is stored, the microorganism and drug residue are tested by the batch number every day. Laboratory to the entire production process tracking detection, ensure seamless seamless coverage.
  The company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and HACCP food safety system certification in 2002 and upgraded to ISO22000:2005 food safety management system in 2013. The system realizes the full coverage of the production process, and lays emphasis on monitoring the three key control points of the inspection, pre cooling and metal detection. In the production process, the food safety system works efficiently, and food safety is effectively guaranteed.
  The establishment of the food safety supervision system has built a solid line of defense for the safety of the products. We use perfect management to provide consumers with safe and safe chicken products.
  The product quality of the company is strictly tested by the company quality management department. 10 full-time quality control personnel carry out full cycle inspection on the weight, specification, color, temperature, moisture and foreign body of the product. The test results are recorded in the record, and the inspection has the standard. The result has a record, the quality is tracked and the problem is solved.
  In early 2016, the company invested more than 200 yuan in upgrading and upgrading the refrigeration system. At present, it is investing more than 250 yuan to introduce plate freezer. The use of automatic and intelligent equipment such as Mettler Toledo metal detector, classifier and cutting pawl makes the operation more precise and the product quality better.
  The company owns the independent customs declaration right of Chinese customs and the export right of foreign trade operation. The products are exported to more than ten countries and regions in Hongkong, Macao, the Middle East, the Caribbean Sea and Mongolia. Zhongjia food is the first batch of Chinese government accreditation of Mongolia and the enterprises with the qualification of exporting Mongolia. The company's main cooperative customers include Hongkong Maxim's Caterers Limited, Wan An (Far East) Limited, Mongolia NVTs LLC and other internationally renowned enterprises.
  The company is a grade a Muslim company certified by Liaoning Qingzhen commercial food management association. There are 20 Hui people with high standards of Muslim living area and service. The company attaches great importance to the Muslim culture.
  Zhongjia food has spared no effort in environmental protection. The company invested more than 200 million yuan to purchase new sewage treatment equipment, the annual operating cost reached more than 100 yuan. The sewage treatment has reached the emission standard of Liaoning province. On the waste gas treatment, more than 20 million yuan was added to 6 tons of desulphurization tower, the annual operation cost of waste gas treatment was 150 million yuan, and the emission of dust and desulphurization has reached the environmental protection requirements.
  The development of enterprises is endless. We are always on the way forward. We adhere to “ safety, quality, value, structure, efficiency, scale ” orientate, adjust the industrial structure, expand the industrial scale, strictly control product safety, improve product quality, and continue to provide quality products and services to the society.