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Zhou Zhenlei, mayor of Wafangdian, and his party came to Dalian Zhongjia food to investigate the second phase expansion project, etc

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On the afternoon of March 11, Zhou Zhenlei, mayor of Wafangdian, visited Dalian Zhongjia Food Co., Ltd. to investigate the second phase expansion project of the enterprise and guide the project promotion on site, Accompanied by the survey were Ren Zhiyou,vice mayor、Xue Hui、 member of the Party group and director of the office of the municipal government, and heads of relevant departments, The investigation was conducted in the company of Wang Kai, chairman of Dalian Zhongjia food and Qiu Jiatao, general manager. 

Dalian Zhongjia Food Co., Ltd. is a broiler slaughtering enterprise, founded in 2000. Over the years, adhering to the scientific and Technological Development Strategy of "market-oriented, independent innovation, key breakthrough and leading industry".the company has developed rapidly,The company urgently needs to expand its production capacity and plans to carry out phase II expansion,The project is mainly divided into three parts: slaughterhouse, sewage treatment facilities and deep cooked food processingThe planned investment is 200 million yuan and will be delivered in three years. After the completion of the project, the daily slaughtering volume will increase to 250000, which will solve the employment of more than 2000 people, promote the joint development of farmers and related linkage industries, and increase the tax revenue of 50 million yuan only for the refined cooked food products. 

Mayor Zhou Zhenlei inspected the construction site on the spot, and Chairman Wang Kai reported in detail the overall planning design, completion time limit, existing problems and difficulties of the project. Mayor Zhou pointed out that the project construction should keep the red line of environmental protection, formulate high standard sewage treatment plan, actively perform the main responsibility, strictly follow the procedures, and carry out the relocation and resettlement in accordance with the regulationsIn view of the problems and difficulties existing in the process of project promotion, all relevant departments should clarify their ideas, take the initiative to advance, strengthen supervision, do a good job in the service guarantee work of each link, and ensure the implementation of the project according to the schedule. 

General manager Qiu Jiatao said that he would fulfill his duties, strictly implement all regulations, seize the project progress and accelerate construction according to the time node, and strive to put the projects into production as scheduled and meet the standards. 
——Wang Hongli, human resource manager of Dalian Zhongjia food 
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