Dalian Zhongjia Food Co. LTD

Strictly control product safety, improve product quality, to provide customers with good meat products.

Dalian Zhongjia Food Co., LTD., founded in August 2000, is located in Zhangtun Village, Sun Sub-district Office, Wafangdian City, Liaoning Province, 800 meters away from Wafangdian Station on Shen-Hai Highway. The company covers an area of 60,000 square meters, construction area of 20,000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 860 people, including all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 60 people. The total assets of the company are 216 million yuan, including 100 million yuan of fixed assets.

Since joining Wellhope in February 2015, Zhongjia Food has developed rapidly in industrial layout, production scale, product safety, quality control management, equipment upgrading, product marketing, halal certification, environmental protection and other aspects.

After industrial integration, Zhongjia Food has a complete industrial chain, from breeding chickens, hatching, feed, stocking to slaughter, processing, sales to achieve the whole industrial chain operation, through layers of monitoring, strict control, realize the whole process of product control, effectively ensure the quality and safety of products.


Dalian Zhongjia Food
2000 year

Date of establishment


Floor area

860 +

Existing staff

2.16 Billion

Total assets of the company(¥)


The company has 600,000 sets of breeding chickens for parents, all of which are the international mainstream varieties such as Ross 308 and Kebo, with excellent quality.

In the first half of 2017, the company built a modern hatchery of 5 million chicks, all using automatic intelligent equipment, chicks in the incubation process, at the age of 18 embryo immunization, to ensure the chicks enhance the immune ability, healthy growth.

The company has a high standard breeding base, automatic registration of breeding community 20, including the amount of 300 thousand individual pens. The feeding, water supply, excrement removal, ventilation and temperature control are all automated in each community. The breeding mode is cage rearing, which is safe and pollution-free, sanitary and odorless. Each community has a manure treatment plant, and chicken manure is harmless treatment. The company adopts national standard drug-free veterinary drugs, adhere to the principle of less drug use, no drug use, in Liaoning region, our company is the average amount of less drugs. We raise chickens with conscience, with a good growing environment, not with medicine.

The company has an automated particle production workshop in the newly built northeast, with a production scale of 20,000 tons per month, using well-known brand production equipment such as sheep. Dr. Bingxin Ren, who graduated from Ocean University of China, serves as the group's meat and poultry feed expert. His R & D and technical team ensure the nutrition and quality of the products, and the company's broiler feed is in the advanced position in Northeast China in terms of production capacity and technology.

In the past three years, the production capacity of Zhongjia food has grown rapidly, and now the annual slaughter capacity has reached 35 million, the production scale has reached a new high in the history of Zhongjia, and it stands out in the northeast region.

The company has built a comprehensive, integrated food safety supervision system.

Government supervision departments carry out on-site quarantine and remote monitoring of slaughtering and processing links to strictly control product safety. The animal quarantine department dispatched 2 full-time quarantine personnel and 4 co-inspection personnel to conduct inspection and quarantine of vehicle disinfection, chicken hanging, slaughter and processing, and finished products leaving the factory. The online remote monitoring system comprehensively and continuously supervises the production process.

The company has invested 1 million yuan to upgrade the laboratory equipment and facilities, and introduced 3 professional laboratory personnel. The annual operating cost of the laboratory has reached 1 million yuan. At present, the laboratory can detect more than 10 items such as microorganisms, drug residues and sewage water quality. The testing scope has realized the detection of drug residues in batches of broilers before slaughter, daily sampling inspection of drug residues and microorganisms at the production site, and daily sampling inspection of microbial residues and drug residues according to the batch number of finished products after storage. The laboratory will track and test the entire production process to ensure complete and seamless coverage.

The company passed ISO9001 quality system certification and HACCP food safety system certification in 2002, and upgraded to ISO22000:2005 food safety management system in 2013. The system has achieved full coverage of the production process, and focused on monitoring the three critical control points of incoming inspection, pre-cooling disinfection and metal detection of hairy chickens. In the production process, the food safety system operates efficiently and food safety is effectively guaranteed.



The establishment of the above food safety supervision system has built a solid line of defense for product safety. With perfect management, we provide consumers with safe and assured chicken products.

The quality control department of the company carries out strict testing on product quality. 10 full-time quality control personnel carry out full cycle testing on product weight, specification, color, temperature, moisture, foreign matter and so on. The test results are recorded, so that there are inspection standards, results are recorded, quality is tracked and problems are solved.

Since the beginning of 2016, the company has invested more than 50 million yuan to upgrade and transform the entire production workshop, factory area and refrigeration system, introducing the use of advanced screw refrigerating machine, flat frozen machine, Mettler - Toli multi-metal detector, automatic classifier, automatic claw cutting machine and other automatic and intelligent equipment, so that the operation is more accurate and the product quality is better.

The company has the independent declaration right of China Customs, the right to export foreign trade, products exported to Hong Kong, Macao, the Middle East, the Caribbean Sea, Mongolia and other more than a dozen countries and regions, Zhongjia Food is the first batch of Mongolia official certification, with export qualification of Mongolia enterprises. The company's main cooperative customers are Hong Kong Meixin Food Co., LTD., Wan 'an (Far East) Co., LTD., Mongolia NVTs LLC and other international well-known enterprises.

The company is a Class A Halal enterprise certified by the Halal Commercial Food Management Association of Liaoning Province. It has 20 Muslim employees and has set up high standard living areas and worship rooms for the Muslims. The company attaches great importance to the halal culture.

Dalian Zhongjia Food also spare no effort in environmental protection. Since 2016, the company has invested more than 20 million yuan to purchase new sewage treatment equipment, and the annual operating cost has reached more than 2.6 million yuan. The sewage treatment has reached the discharge standard of Liaoning Province;

In the waste gas treatment, the company invested more than 200,000 yuan to add 6 tons of desulfurization tower, exhaust gas treatment annual operating cost of more than 1.5 million yuan, dust removal, desulfurization and other exhaust emissions meet the requirements of environmental protection.

In 2017, more than 3 million yuan was invested to build new feather powder production and processing workshop and harmless treatment to save resources and optimize the environment. Enterprise development is endless, we are always on the way forward! We adhere to the "safety, quality, value, structure, efficiency, scale" as the guidance, adjust the industrial structure, expand the scale of the industry, strictly control product safety, improve product quality, continue to provide good products and services to the society.