Guarding the "Vegetable Basket" of Hong Kong, nearly 70000 chickens are placed on Hong Kong tables every day in Dalian

Guarding the "Vegetable Basket" of Hong Kong, nearly 70000 chickens are placed on Hong Kong tables every day in Dalian

Guarding the "Vegetable Basket" of Hong Kong, nearly 70000 chickens are placed on Hong Kong tables every day in Dalian
China Youth Daily Client | 2022-03-01 19:53
Author: Wang Chen
The client of China Youth Daily (Wang Chen, a reporter from China Youth Daily and China Youth Network) entered the workshop of Dalian Wafangdian Zhongjia Food Co., Ltd., and 700 workers were processing and producing in an orderly manner, slaughtering, washing, pre cooling, segmentation, packaging... In the factory area, 28 tons of frozen and segmented chicken that had passed the inspection of Dalian Changxing Island Customs are being packed, and will be shipped to Hong Kong soon.
At present, the COVID-19 situation in Hong Kong is severe, and the supply of "food basket" is affected. In Dalian, Liaoning Province, thousands of miles away, major food companies in Wafangdian are concerned about their Hong Kong compatriots and are working overtime to ensure the stable supply of frozen products to Hong Kong.
The frozen chicken produced here occupies a certain market share in Hong Kong due to its good quality. The Hong Kong epidemic is touching our hearts. Our chicken export companies are overcoming difficulties, producing at full capacity, and fully ensuring the supply of chicken in the Hong Kong market to help our compatriots overcome the epidemic as soon as possible. Qiu Jiatao, General Manager of Dalian Zhongjia Food Co., Ltd., told China Youth Daily/China Youth Network reporter.
The main products supplied by Zhongjia Company to Hong Kong are white feather broiler products, including breast meat, leg meat, etc., with a daily production capacity of about 50 tons. After the fifth wave of COVID-19 epidemic in Hong Kong, the company kept communicating with customers all the time to understand the market situation in Hong Kong.
Our current shipment volume to Hong Kong has increased by 30% compared to the same period last year. Especially after the Chinese New Year, the company has been working overtime due to a shortage of personnel. The employees work 12 hours a day after the new year, striving to ship the goods to the Hong Kong market earlier. "Qiu Jiatao introduced that the return rate of workers after the new year is about 90%. In order to ensure the production of Hong Kong, everyone has been working from the eighth day of the first month until now, and recently took a day off.
We are concerned about the Hong Kong epidemic, and as long as there is demand in Hong Kong, we will do our best to meet it, "said Lu Ning, the export sales manager of the company. After the year, due to a shortage of workers, in order to provide products to Hong Kong customers in a timely manner, the company slaughtered two days in advance, and was originally scheduled to start construction on the 10th of January. In order to supply the port, we will start work two days in advance to ensure that the products can be shipped normally.
We have been supplying chicken products from Hong Kong for 17 years. When the chicken enters the laboratory, it needs to undergo drug residue testing. When the product leaves the factory, it needs to undergo a microbiological test, and now every batch of products needs to undergo a nucleic acid test to ensure food safety. "Lu Ning introduced that after the Spring Festival, in order to ensure that the products arrive at Hong Kong on time, transportation costs have also increased, which is borne by the company itself. I hope our Hong Kong compatriots can overcome the epidemic with strength and not be troubled by it. We will actively work hard to produce and meet the needs of Hong Kong with high quality and quantity
According to statistics, since February, Dalian Customs has supervised a total of 1850 tons of imported chicken from Hong Kong, with a value of 24.65 million yuan. On average, nearly 70000 chickens are placed on Hong Kong dining tables every day.
Qiu Jiatao stated that in addition to the company working overtime, Changxing Island Customs has also provided convenience for enterprises. The customs has a dedicated person responsible for coordinating with the company, and any problems can be communicated and resolved at any time.
It is understood that in order to ensure the sufficient supply and stable price of Hong Kong chicken, Dalian Changxing Island Customs plays the role of enterprise coordinator and actively visits six large chicken production enterprises in the jurisdiction to tailor a rapid customs clearance plan; Open the "Supply Port Material Service Hotline" to answer enterprise inquiries online 24 hours a day, adopting a series of convenience measures such as early declaration, online pre examination documents, 24-hour appointment for inspection, rapid laboratory testing, and "cloud issuance" of inspection and quarantine certificates to ensure that the supply port chicken is reported, inspected, and released at the same time; Master the chicken export plan in advance, utilize functional advantages, help enterprises coordinate and solve the problem of booking cold chain containers, open up a "green channel", and achieve zero delay in customs clearance.
Dalian Changxing Island Customs Director Na Hanwen said, "Changxing Island Customs has a large supply of chicken meat to Hong Kong and should bear greater social responsibility. While optimizing services and accelerating inspection and release speed, we will also strengthen supervision, compact the main responsibility of enterprise food safety, and fully ensure the safety of the 'vegetable basket' of Hong Kong compatriots