Clouds guarding and reuniting together

Dalian Zhongjia Food Co., Ltd.'s Collective New Year Celebration for Employees from Other Places.

Dalian Zhongjia Food Co., Ltd.'s Collective New Year Celebration for Employees from Other Places
Dalian Zhongjia Food Co., Ltd. actively responds to the national call and encourages non local employees not to return to their hometowns to celebrate the Chinese New Year in their original places, reduce personnel turnover, and assist in epidemic prevention and control. In order to ensure a happy and peaceful Spring Festival for over 300 employees from other places in the company, Mr. Qiu Jiatao, the general manager, arranged for careful decoration of the living environment in the company's dormitories and cafeteria (such as pasting couplets, hanging lanterns, and pulling colorful flowers). During the Spring Festival, free and delicious meals were provided to employees, and colorful activities such as sending red envelopes and making dumplings were held, exuding a strong festive atmosphere and a strong New Year flavor.

  On the noon of February 11th (Chinese New Year's Eve), the general manager personally led the management team to go deep into the employees, chatting and laughing with over 300 employees, celebrating the Chinese New Year. The employees tasted exquisite dishes, carried New Year's red envelopes distributed by the general manager, and wrapped dumplings with different fillings in their hands, all of whom were happy and smiling. This Spring Festival has truly made employees realize that although they cannot go home to reunite with their loved ones, they still feel the warmth and affection of family in the company.

The fiery red lanterns, happy smiling faces, and colorful fireworks blooming in the air, together with clouds and reunions, every moment of this winter and Spring Festival makes people feel a different warmth
Dalian Zhongjia Food Co., Ltd
HR Manager Wang Hongli